§ 5.1-41

Operation by local governing body or special officer or board

The governing body, or other proper authority, of a county, city, or town which has established an airport or landing field and acquired, leased, or set apart property for such purpose, may construct, improve, equip, maintain and operate the same, or may vest jurisdiction for the construction, improvement, equipment, maintenance and operation thereof in any suitable officer, board or body of such county, city, or town. A member of the governing body of any such county, city, or town may also serve as a member of any board or body established to manage an airport or landing field. No such city, town or county, however, shall operate an airport without first obtaining the permission of the Board as now or hereafter provided by law. In addition to other powers conferred by this section, any such governing body or other authority of a county, city, or town shall have the power to seek and obtain loans for the purpose of capital improvements to any airport or landing field established pursuant to this article.


Code 1950, § 5-34; 1966, c. 576; 1979, c. 272; 1989, c. 234; 1993, c. 81.


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