§ 5.1-92

Regulation by Commission; reports; prevention of discrimination

The Commission shall supervise, regulate and control all air carriers, doing business in this Commonwealth, in all matters relating to the performance of their public duties and their charges therefor, and shall correct abuses therein by such air carriers; and to that end the Commission shall, from time to time, prescribe reasonable rules, regulations, forms and reports for such air carriers in furtherance of the administration and operation of this chapter; and the Commission shall have the right at all times to require from such air carriers special reports and statements under oath, concerning their business.The Commission shall, from time to time, make and enforce such requirements, rules and regulations as may be necessary to prevent unjust and unreasonable discriminations by any air carrier in favor of, or against, any person, locality, community or connecting carrier in the matter of service, schedule, efficiency of transportation or otherwise, in connection with the public duties of such air carriers; and the Commission shall administer and enforce all provisions of this chapter, and prescribe reasonable rules, regulations and procedure looking to that end.


Code 1950, § 56-145; 1970, c. 708.


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