Through Routes, Service, Rates, Etc

This is Article 8 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Through Routes, Service, Rates, Etc.” It is part of Title 5.1, titled “Aviation.” It is part of Chapter 9, titled “Air Carriers.” It’s comprised of the following 19 sections.

§ 5.1-121
Duties of carriers of passengers as to through routes, equipment, rates, regulations, etc
§ 5.1-122
Duties of carriers of property as to service, rates and regulations
§ 5.1-123
Through routes, joint rates, etc., not required may be established
§ 5.1-124
Undue preference not permitted
§ 5.1-125
Complaints; action of Commission thereon or on own initiative
§ 5.1-126
Establishment of through routes, etc., by Commission
§ 5.1-127
Prescribing divisions of joint rates
§ 5.1-128
New rate schedule; hearing; suspension; action thereon
§ 5.1-129
Goodwill, certificate, etc., not element of value in rate making
§ 5.1-130
Criteria for establishment of rates
§ 5.1-131
Other remedies not extinguished
§ 5.1-132
Tariffs showing rates, fares and charges, etc
§ 5.1-133
Unlawful to charge other than published tariff
§ 5.1-134
Changes in tariffs, etc
§ 5.1-135
No transportation except when rates have been filed and published
§ 5.1-136
Free passes or reduced rates
§ 5.1-137
Payment of rates and charges before delivery of freight
§ 5.1-138
Liability for additional charges
§ 5.1-139
Commission may enter judgment for refunds due public and collect and distribute same