§ 50-73.115

Statement of dissociation

A. A dissociated partner named as a partner in a filed statement of partnership authority or in a list maintained by an agent pursuant to subsection B of § 50-73.93 or a partnership that has filed a statement of partnership authority that has not been canceled may file a statement of dissociation stating the name of the partnership, the identification number issued by the Commission to the partnership, and that the partner is dissociated from the partnership.

B. A statement of dissociation is a limitation on the authority of a dissociated partner for the purposes of subsections D and E of § 50-73.93.

C. For the purposes of subdivision A 3 of § 50-73.113 and subdivision B 3 of § 50-73.114, a person not a partner is deemed to have notice of the dissociation 90 days after the statement of dissociation is filed.


1996, c. 292; 2003, c. 567.


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