§ 50-73.52:3

Court proceedings

A. A dissolved limited partnership that has published a notice under § 50-73.52:2 may file an application with the circuit court of the city or county where the dissolved limited partnership’s principal office, or, if none in the Commonwealth, its registered office, is or was last located for a determination of the amount and form of security to be provided for payment of claims that are contingent or have not been made known to the dissolved limited partnership or that are based on an event occurring after the effective date of dissolution but that, based on the facts known to the dissolved limited partnership, are reasonably estimated to arise after the effective date of dissolution. Provision need not be made for any claim that is or is reasonably anticipated to be barred under subsection C of § 50-73.52:2.

B. Within 10 days after the filing of the application, notice of the proceeding shall be given by the dissolved limited partnership to each claimant holding a contingent claim whose contingent claim is shown on the records of the dissolved limited partnership.

C. The court may appoint a guardian ad litem to represent all claimants whose identities are unknown in any proceeding brought under this section. The reasonable fees and expenses of such guardian, including all reasonable expert witness fees, shall be paid by the dissolved limited partnership.

D. Provision by the dissolved limited partnership for security in the amount and the form ordered by the court under subsection A shall satisfy the dissolved limited partnership’s obligations with respect to claims that do not meet the definition of a claim in subsection D of § 50-73.52:1, and such claims may not be enforced against a partner who received assets in liquidation.


2006, c. 912.


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