§ 50-73.56


A. No certificate of registration shall be issued to a foreign limited partnership unless the name of such limited partnership satisfies the requirements of § 50-73.2. If the name of a limited partnership does not satisfy the requirements of § 50-73.2, in order to obtain or maintain a certificate of registration:

1. The foreign limited partnership may add to its name for use in this Commonwealth the words “limited partnership” or “a limited partnership,” or the abbreviation “L.P.” or “LP,” or, in the case of a limited partnership that is also registered as a foreign limited liability partnership in Virginia, a word, abbreviation or designation to bring its name into compliance with the requirements of clause (ii) of subdivision A 2 of § 50-73.78; or

2. If its real name is unavailable, the foreign limited partnership may use a designated name that is available and that satisfies the requirements of § 50-73.2 if it informs the Commission of the designated name.

B. No foreign limited partnership registered with the Commission under this article which is conducting or transacting business in this Commonwealth under the designated name of the partnership set forth in the application for registration filed pursuant to § 50-73.54, nor any partner of that limited partnership, shall be required to file any assumed or fictitious name or comparable certificate solely for such conduct or transaction of partnership business.

C. A foreign limited partnership that is registered with the Commission prior to July 1, 2002, under a name other than the name under which it is registered in its state or other jurisdiction of formation may continue to be so registered until the name in its application for registration is amended or its certificate of registration is canceled.


1985, c. 607; 1990, c. 343; 2002, c. 441.


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