§ 51.1-1128

Service retirement of participating full-time employees receiving supplemental disability benefits

A. Upon the cessation of benefits payable under the Act, a participating full-time employee may take service retirement under any provision of this title for which the employee is otherwise eligible. Such employee shall be authorized to elect any option for the payment of his retirement allowance provided under subsection A of § 51.1-165.

B. The employee’s average final compensation shall be equal to his creditable compensation on the date of the commencement of the disability increased by an amount recommended by the actuary of the Virginia Retirement System, and approved by the Board, from the date of the commencement of the disability to the date of retirement.

C. The creditable service of a participating full-time employee taking service retirement pursuant to this section shall include periods during which the employee received supplemental disability benefits, provided that such creditable service shall not include periods for which (i) the employee received supplemental short-term disability benefits, (ii) the employer did not report such creditable service to the retirement system, and (iii) the employee did not purchase such creditable service.


1998, c. 774; 1999, c. 144; 2011, cc. 722, 880.


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