§ 51.1-1165

Supplemental long-term disability benefit

A. Supplemental long-term disability benefits for participating employees shall commence upon the expiration of the maximum period for which the participating employee is eligible to receive short-term disability benefits under § 51.1-1163.

B. Except as provided in § 51.1-1171, supplemental long-term disability benefits shall provide income replacement in an amount equal to 60 percent of a participating employee’s creditable compensation.

C. Creditable compensation during periods an employee receives supplemental long-term disability benefits shall not include salary increases awarded during the period covered by long-term disability benefits.

D. Payments of supplemental long-term disability benefits payable under this article shall be reduced by an amount equal to any benefits paid to the employee under the Act, for which the employee is entitled to receive under the Act, excluding any benefit for medical, legal or rehabilitation expenses.

E. Supplemental long-term disability benefits shall be payable only during periods of total disability or partial disability.

F. Unless otherwise directed, to be eligible for benefits under this section, the employee must apply for Social Security disability benefits.


2012, cc. 701, 823.


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