§ 51.1-1202

Powers and duties of the Board

The Board shall promulgate such rules and policies as are necessary to carry out its responsibilities as required by this chapter. The Board may contract the administrative services related to the service awards provided for herein and designate authority for the administration of those service awards based on the standards set forth in § 51.1-124.30. The Board or its designee shall (i) request such general fund appropriations as necessary to maintain the Fund, (ii) make determinations of eligibility for membership in the Fund, (iii) approve applications for service awards to be paid from the Fund, and (iv) exercise all other powers necessary for the administration of this chapter and management of the Fund. Member contributions to the Fund shall be segregated into separate member accounts and be used only to pay service awards to its members. The Board shall adopt rules and policies that bring the Fund into compliance with any applicable law or regulation of this Commonwealth or the United States.


1999, cc. 664, 860; 2001, c. 672.


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