§ 51.1-126.4

Employees of the Virginia Port Authority

A. The Virginia Port Authority, hereinafter referred to as the Authority, may establish one or more retirement plans covering in whole or in part its employees. The Authority is authorized to make contributions for the benefit of its employees who elect to participate in such plan or arrangement rather than in any other retirement system established by this chapter. Any such alternative retirement plan shall become effective at such time as determined by the Authority. The Authority shall notify the Virginia Retirement System of the establishment of such plan no later than ninety days prior to the effective date. Any present employee of the Authority may make an irrevocable election to participate in the retirement plan established by this chapter or any plan provided by the Authority. Such election shall be made no later than 180 days after the effective date of the plan provided for in this section on forms supplied by the Virginia Retirement System. Any employee hired on or after the effective date of the plan provided for in this section shall become a participant in that plan, subject to the eligibility criteria of that plan.

B. No employee of the Authority who is an active member of a plan established under this section shall also be an active member of the retirement system established by this chapter or a beneficiary of such other plan other than as a contingent annuitant.

C. The Authority shall develop policies and procedures for the administration of any retirement plan it establishes under this section. A copy of such policies and procedures shall be filed with the Board of Trustees of the Virginia Retirement System.

D. Pursuant to § 62.1-129.1, employees of the Authority shall be eligible to continue their participation in the Virginia Retirement System or may participate in an alternative retirement plan offered pursuant to this section.


1997, c. 232; 2015, c. 660.


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