§ 51.1-130

Resolution of governing body; approval by Board

A. The governing body of a political subdivision may adopt a resolution requesting that its eligible employees become members of the retirement system. The governing body’s resolution shall be submitted to the Board for approval, and acceptance of the employees in the retirement system shall be at the option of the Board. If the Board approves the resolution, eligible employees may become members of the retirement system. The Board shall not approve the resolution unless the political subdivision has first entered into a plan of agreement, as defined in § 51.1-700, to extend benefits under the Social Security Act to its employees approved under the provisions of § 51.1-705.

B. The governing body of any political subdivision approved for participation in the retirement system pursuant to subsection A may adopt a resolution that provides, on or after October 1, 1994, an additional retirement allowance not to exceed three percent of the applicable service or disability retirement allowances payable under § 51.1-155, 51.1-157, 51.1-206, 51.1-306, or 51.1-308.


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