§ 51.1-1301

Benefit restoration plan for employees; administration by the Board

A. The Board shall establish and administer a benefit restoration plan for members. Such plan shall meet the requirements to be treated as a plan established under § 415(m) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Virginia Retirement System Director shall be the chief administrative officer of the plan. The Retirement System is hereby authorized to perform related services including, but not limited to, providing consolidated billing, individual and collective record keeping and accountings, and asset control and safekeeping.

B. The benefit restoration plan shall exist to provide nontaxable benefits to members whose annual benefit is reduced pursuant to subsection B of § 51.1-168. The benefit restoration plan shall be funded from those contributions required under Article 7 (§ 51.1-144 et seq.) of Chapter 1 of this title. If it deems it advisable, the Board may create a trust or other special fund for segregation of the funds or assets relating to a benefit restoration plan established herein.


2001, cc. 681, 692.


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