§ 51.1-146

Failure to report or pay contributions or insurance premiums

Every employer shall file all reports and pay all contributions and insurance premiums required by this title or Board regulation. Failure to file reports or pay contributions or insurance premiums by the end of the month in which due may result in a penalty of five percent of the amount due plus interest at the rate of one percent per month until payment is made. The Board may waive all or a part of the penalty and interest if good cause is shown. Delinquent contributions, insurance premiums, penalties, and interest may be recovered by action in a court of competent jurisdiction. At the discretion of the Board, contributions, insurance premiums, penalties and interest may be deducted from the retirement allowance account of the employer or may be deducted by the State Treasurer, upon warrant of the Comptroller, from any nonearmarked moneys distributable to the employer by any department or agency of the Commonwealth.


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