§ 51.1-148

Retirement allowance account

A. All employer contributions, all amounts transferred from the members’ contribution account, and all income from the invested assets of the retirement system shall be credited to the retirement allowance account. All benefits under the retirement system, other than refunds of membersaccumulated contributions, and all administrative expenses of the retirement system, except to the extent that such expenses are otherwise paid, shall be paid from the retirement allowance account. At the discretion of the Board, contributions, penalties, and interest assessments may be deducted from the retirement allowance account of the employer.

B. The amount of the interest allowances provided for in this chapter shall be transferred from the retirement allowance account to the members’ contribution account annually.

C. The records of the retirement allowance account shall be maintained so that the portion that is applicable to each respective employer may be ascertained at all times.


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