§ 51.1-163

Death after retirement

If a member dies after the effective date of retirement, any excess of his accumulated contributions as of the effective date of his retirement, over the total retirement allowances received by him, shall be paid in the same manner as provided in subsection A of § 51.1-162, subsection A of § 51.1-207, or subsection A of § 51.1-218, in accordance with the retirement plan covering such member, unless the retirement allowance is then being paid in accordance with any of the optional benefits provided for in § 51.1-165 or § 51.1-165.01. Accumulated contributions as of the effective date of retirement shall include all member contributions paid by the employer on behalf of the member on and after July 1, 1980, and all interest which would have accrued to these funds.


1952, c. 157, § 51-111.59; 1960, c. 604; 1990, c. 832; 1991, c. 302; 1995, c. 307; 2001, cc. 679, 699.


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