§ 51.1-214

Creditable service

A. Service qualifying for credit under the provisions of the Virginia Retirement System shall be included as creditable service for the purposes of this chapter, provided the requirements set forth in Chapter 1 (§ 51.1-124.1 et seq.) of this title for crediting service have been complied with and any payment required is credited in the member’s contribution account.

B. If a member ceases to be an employee, has not received a refund of the accumulated contributions credited to his member’s contribution account, and accepts employment in a position covered by the Virginia Retirement System, the Judicial Retirement System or the State Police Officers’ Retirement System, he shall be entitled to credit for his previous creditable service under this chapter. His accumulated contributions shall be transferred and credited to his member’s contribution account in the appropriate retirement system. Future retirement rights shall be as set forth under the provisions of the appropriate retirement system.


1999, c. 585; 2001, cc. 686, 697.


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