§ 51.1-511

Persons entitled to payment of insurance on employee’s death

Any amount of group life, accidental death, and dismemberment insurance in force on any employee at the date of his death shall be paid, upon the establishment of a valid claim therefor, to the beneficiary designated by the employee under the provisions of the Virginia Retirement System or other retirement system administered by the Board, unless the employee has designated and filed with the Board on a form prepared by the Board, a different beneficiary of his group life, accidental death, and dismemberment insurance. If no beneficiary has been designated by the employee, or if the death of the designated person occurs prior to the death of the member and another designation has not been made, the proceeds shall be paid to the persons surviving at the date of his death, in the same order of precedence as set forth in subsection A of § 51.1-162.Payment which otherwise would be made to the estate of an employee may be made in accordance with the provisions of § 64.2-601 or 64.2-602.


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