§ 51.1-609

Contributions on behalf of qualified participants

A. A participating employer or, on behalf of the Commonwealth, the Department of Accounts or any agency of the Commonwealth not covered under the central payroll system, shall transfer funds from its appropriations to the private corporation or institution designated to hold investments under the plan or plans adopted or established by the participating employer pursuant to § 401(a) or § 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. The funds shall be held, administered and invested as provided for in the applicable document adopted for the administration of such contributions.

B. The amount credited on behalf of a qualified participant pursuant to this section shall not exceed, on a semimonthly basis, the lesser of fifty dollars or fifty percent of the amount that the qualified participant voluntarily contributes to the deferred compensation plan established under this chapter or to a plan established pursuant to § 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, unless otherwise determined by the General Assembly through the appropriations process. The amount credited pursuant to this section on behalf of a qualified participant who is an employee of a participating employer other than the Commonwealth shall be a discretionary amount determined by the participating employer’s governing body from time to time.

C. No amount shall be credited pursuant to subsection B on behalf of a qualified participant who is participating in the hybrid retirement program described in § 51.1-169 if the qualified participant has not contributed the maximum amount of voluntary contributions under subdivision C 2 of § 51.1-169.


2002, c. 311; 2013, c. 463.


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