§ 51.1-806

Reimbursement by Commonwealth for portion of employer contribution on account of certain officers and employees

Any county or city operating a local retirement system which does not participate in the Virginia Retirement System and which defines as “compensation” the full compensation payable or fees earnable by its county and city treasurer, attorney for the Commonwealth, commissioner of the revenue, clerk of court, sheriff, and a deputy or employee of any such officer may be reimbursed for a portion of the employer contribution paid on behalf of any such officer, deputy, or employee. In such cases, the political subdivision shall, at least biennially, submit to the Compensation Board information required by the Board’s actuary for computing, at the expense of the employing political subdivision, the employer contribution rate that would be applicable if all such officers, deputies, or employees thereof were members of the VirginiaRetirement System. The Retirement Board shall compute the employer contribution rate on the assumption that no service prior to the computation date was creditable, and no assets were allocable to such members. The political subdivision shall be reimbursed by the Compensation Board on the basis on which the Commonwealth pays the salaries of such officer, deputy, or employee or shares, or would share, in the excess fees from the office.


1958, c. 368, § 51-114.2; 1960, c. 486; 1966, c. 174; 1990, c. 832.


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