§ 51.5-148

Establishment of Adult Protective Services Unit; powers and duties

A. The Department shall have responsibility for the planning and oversight of adult protective services in the Commonwealth. The Commissioner shall establish within the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services an Adult Protective Services Unit which shall oversee the planning, administration, and implementation of adult protective services in the Commonwealth. Adult protective services shall be provided to the public by local departments of social services pursuant to Chapter 16 (§ 63.2-1600 et seq.) of Title 63.2 in cooperation with the Department and subject to the regulations and oversight of the Commissioner.

B. The Adult Protective Services Unit shall have the following powers and duties:

1. To work together with local departments of social services to support, strengthen, and evaluate adult protective services programs provided by such local departments;

2. To assist local departments of social services in developing and implementing programs to respond to and prevent adult abuse, neglect, or exploitation;

3. To prepare, disseminate, and present educational programs and materials on adult abuse, neglect, and exploitation to mandated reporters and the public;

4. To establish minimum standards of training and provide educational opportunities to qualify workers in the field of adult protective services to determine whether reports of adult abuse, neglect, or exploitation are substantiated. The Department shall establish and provide a uniform training program for adult protective services workers in the Commonwealth. All adult protective services workers shall complete such training within one year from the date of implementation of the training program or within the first year of their employment;

5. To develop policies and procedures to guide the work of persons in the field of adult protective services;

6. To prepare and disseminate statistical information on adult protective services in Virginia;

7. To operate an adult protective services 24-hour toll-free hotline and provide training and technical assistance to the hotline staff;

8. To provide coordination among the adult protective services program and other state agencies; and

9. To work collaboratively with other agencies in the Commonwealth to facilitate the reporting and investigation of suspected adult abuse, neglect, or exploitation.


2012, cc. 803, 835; 2014, c. 285.


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