§ 51.5-72

Establishment of schools and manufacturing and service industries; expenditures

The Department may (i) establish, equip and maintain schools for manufacturing and service industrial training for the employment of suitable blind persons, (ii) pay its employees suitable wages and contribute five percent of the creditable compensation of those employees who elect to participate in a before-tax payroll deduction to a tax deferred retirement savings plan established under the United States Internal Revenue Code for nonprofit agencies, and (iii) devise means for the sale and distribution of the products thereof. However, any expenditures made under §§ 51.5-63, 51.5-66, and 51.5-72 through 51.5-76 shall not exceed the annual appropriation or the amount received by way of bequest or donation during any one year, and no part of the funds appropriated by the Commonwealth for the purposes of §§ 51.5-63, 51.5-66, and 51.5-72 through 51.5-76 shall be used for solely charitable purposes.


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