Business Enterprises For The Blind

This is Article 4 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Business Enterprises For The Blind.” It is part of Title 51.5, titled “Persons With Disabilities.” It is part of Chapter 12, titled “Persons Who Are Blind And Vision Impaired.” It’s comprised of the following 23 sections.

§ 51.5-100
Operation of vending machines at rest areas on interstate highways
§ 51.5-78
Operation by Department
§ 51.5-79
Operation by blind persons
§ 51.5-80
Contract with nominee to provide equipment and merchandise
§ 51.5-81
Contract with nominee to furnish services
§ 51.5-82
Contracts with federal agencies for installation and supervision
§ 51.5-83
Surveys of business enterprise opportunities
§ 51.5-84
Licensure of blind adult residents as operators
§ 51.5-85
Selection of location and operator of enterprise; supervision
§ 51.5-86
Other general duties of the Department
§ 51.5-87
Revocation of privilege to operate enterprise
§ 51.5-88
Selection of location and type of enterprise with approval of custodian
§ 51.5-89
Placement of blind persons in vacancies by Department; vending stands in Capitol; regulations
§ 51.5-90
Providing blind persons with equipment and merchandise
§ 51.5-91
Ownership of vending stands and other equipment
§ 51.5-92
Reports by nominee
§ 51.5-93
Requiring nominee to comply with provisions
§ 51.5-94
Suspension of nominee; continued operation of program
§ 51.5-95
Regulations for administration of article
§ 51.5-96
Requiring performance of duties by officers and employees
§ 51.5-97
Funds set aside from proceeds of business enterprises
§ 51.5-98
Exemption from taxation; collection and remittance of sales and meals taxes
§ 51.5-99