§ 52-9

Administration of oaths; acknowledgments and affidavits; summoning witnesses in certain cases

A. All police officers appointed by the Superintendent are vested with the authority and power to administer oaths and take acknowledgments and affidavits incidental to the administration and enforcement of all laws relating to the operation of motor vehicles, applications for driver’s licenses and the collection and refunding of taxes levied on gasoline, for which services they shall receive no compensation.

B. Any member of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation conducting an investigation may petition an appropriate judicial officer for the issuance of a summons directed to a sheriff of any county or city, police chief of any town, or to any member of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, commanding the officer to summon witnesses at such time and place as he may direct. Any such officer to whom the summons is delivered shall forthwith execute it, and make return thereof at the time and place named therein.

C. Any member of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation who is conducting an investigation requested under the provisions of § 52-8.2 or investigating frauds or attempts to defraud the Commonwealth or any of its political subdivisions or investigating criminal misconduct related to official duties of any officer, agent, or employee of the Commonwealth or any of its political subdivisions, upon authorization by the Attorney General or an attorney for the Commonwealth, may administer an oath to any complaining witness who is giving a statement or evidence concerning such investigation. If oath is administered pursuant to this statute it shall be administered prior to the taking of any statement, and any statement taken after such oath shall be reduced to writing and subscribed by the witness.


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