§ 53.1-133.02

Notice to be given upon prisoner release, escape, etc

Prior to the release, including work release, or discharge of any prisoner, and as soon as practicable following his transfer to a prison, a different jail facility, or any other correctional or detention facility, his escape, or the change of his name, the sheriff or superintendent who has custody of the prisoner shall give notice of any such occurrence, delivered by first-class mail or by telephone or both, to any victim of the offense as defined in § 19.2-11.01 who, in writing, requests notice or to any person designated in writing by the victim. The notice shall be given at least 15 days prior to release or discharge and as soon as practicable following a transfer, an escape, or a change of name. Notice shall be given using the address and telephone number provided in writing by the victim. For the purposes of this section, “prisoner” means a person sentenced to serve more than 30 days of incarceration or detention. Such notification may be provided through the Virginia Statewide VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) System or other similar electronic or automated system.No civil liability shall attach for a failure to give notice as provided in this section.


1995, c. 687; 2007, cc. 94, 109; 2015, c. 101.


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