§ 53.1-133.2

Establishment of jail industry programs

The sheriff or jail superintendent operating a local correctional facility, with the approval of the local governing body, jail farm board, or regional jail or jail farm board or regional jail authority, as the case may be, is authorized to establish a jail industry program within the facility he administers or on public property or works owned, leased or operated by the county, city, town or federal government, whether the same be located within such county, city or town or elsewhere. If elsewhere, the governing body of the locality where the proposed jail industry program is to be established shall approve the location of the program. Any such program shall be subject to the provisions of this article and shall not be established, operated, maintained or otherwise supported by state funds except as provided in § 53.1-133.6.


1992, c. 859; 1995, c. 756.


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