§ 53.1-67.1

Establishment of program; supervision upon completion; report

The Department shall establish, staff and maintain at any state correctional facility designated by the Board of Corrections a Boot Camp Incarceration Program of intensive supervision for the rehabilitation, training and confinement of individuals committed to the Department under the provisions of § 19.2-316.1. No more than 200 individuals shall be confined pursuant to the program at any one time. The program shall include components for drill and ceremony, physical labor, counseling, remedial education including drug education, and career and occupational assessment.Upon completion of the program, the individual shall be released from confinement and remain on probation for a period of one year or for such other longer period as may be specified by the sentencing court. As a condition of such probation following the boot camp component, a probationer’s successful participation in employment, career and technical education or other educational programs may be required.Probation officers assigned to the program shall be appointed by the judges of the circuit court of the county or city in which the position is assigned. Any officer so appointed shall have the same powers and duties as specified in § 53.1-145 and such appointment shall be valid in any judicial circuit in the Commonwealth.


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