§ 53.1-67.7

Diversion center incarceration program; establishment

The Department is authorized to establish and maintain a system of residential diversion centers for probationers and parolees who require more security and supervision than provided by intensive probation or parole supervision and who are committed to the Department under § 19.2-316.3. The program shall include components for ensuring compliance with terms and conditions of probation or parole; ensuring restitution and performance of community service; payment of fines, if any, and costs of court; providing assistance in securing and maintaining employment; providing access to substance abuse testing and treatment; and providing other programs which will assist the probationer or parolee in returning to society as a productive citizen.Probationers or parolees confined in a diversion incarceration center may be allowed to leave the facility only for purposes expressly authorized by the Director.


1994, 2nd Sp. Sess., cc. 1, 2; 2000, c. 338.


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