§ 53.1-96

County and city farms; persons who may be confined

The governing body of any county or city may, within its respective jurisdiction or elsewhere, establish and maintain a farm where any person convicted and sentenced to confinement in the jail of such county or city, or sentenced to a state correctional institution, may be confined and required to do such work as may be assigned him during the term of his sentence. A local jail farm may be used to hold or confine any person who could be lawfully held or confined in a jail operated by the county or city.The governing body or the farm board appointed to supervise and manage the farm may prescribe rules and regulations to govern the operation of the farm.


Code 1950, § 53-195; 1954, c. 193; 1970, c. 648; 1979, c. 700; 1982, c. 636; 2007, cc. 95, 106.


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