Duties Of Sheriffs

This is Article 6 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Duties Of Sheriffs.” It is part of Title 53.1, titled “Prisons And Other Methods Of Correction.” It is part of Chapter 3, titled “Local Correctional Facilities.” It’s comprised of the following 22 sections.

§ 53.1-116
What records and policy jailer shall keep; how time deducted or added for felons and misdemeanants; payment of fine and costs by person committed to jail until he pays
§ 53.1-116.1
Jailer to give notice of release of certain prisoners
§ 53.1-116.1:01
Jailer to give notice of intake of certain prisoners
§ 53.1-116.1:02
Jailer issued identification
§ 53.1-116.2
Sheriffs to be keepers of jails
§ 53.1-116.3
Improper release; capias, arrest and hearing
§ 53.1-117
Violations of rules to be recorded in register
§ 53.1-118
Courts to fine sheriffs for failure to perform duties
§ 53.1-119
Court duties of sheriff
§ 53.1-120
Sheriff to provide for courthouse and courtroom security; designation of deputies for such purpose; assessment
§ 53.1-121
Sheriffs to make daily reports to Compensation Board; failure to send report
§ 53.1-122
Daily records of sheriffs and jail superintendents
§ 53.1-123
Other accounts, information and records as required by Department
§ 53.1-124
Sheriffs and jail superintendents to report to the courts
§ 53.1-125
Failure of sheriffs or jail superintendents to comply with requirements of board; filing of complaint; withholding salary
§ 53.1-126
Responsibility of sheriffs and jail superintendents for food, clothing and medicine
§ 53.1-127
Who may enter interior of local correctional facilities; searches of those entering
§ 53.1-127.1
Establishment of stores in local correctional facilities
§ 53.1-127.2
Fees for electronic visitation and messaging with prisoners in local correctional facilities
§ 53.1-127.3
Deferred or installment payment agreement for unpaid fees; suspension of privilege to operate a motor vehicle
§ 53.1-127.4
Suspension of privilege to operate motor vehicle for failure to pay fees
§ 53.1-127.5
Collection of fees owed; contract for collection; duties of Department of Taxation