§ 54.1-103

Additional training of regulated persons; reciprocity; endorsement

A. The regulatory boards within the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation and the Department of Health Professions may promulgate regulations specifying additional training or conditions for individuals seeking certification or licensure, or for the renewal of certificates or licenses.

B. The regulatory boards may enter into agreements with other jurisdictions for the recognition of certificates and licenses issued by other jurisdictions.

C. The regulatory boards are authorized to promulgate regulations recognizing licenses or certificates issued by other states, the District of Columbia, or any territory or possession of the United States as full or partial fulfillment of qualifications for licensure or certification in the Commonwealth.


1979, c. 408, § 54-1.28; 1983, c. 569; 1988, c. 765; 1990, c. 194; 1993, c. 499.


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