§ 54.1-1108.2

Application for Class C license; fees; issuance

A. Any person desiring to be licensed as a Class C contractor shall file with the Department a written application on a form prescribed by the Board. The application shall be accompanied by a fee set by the Board pursuant to § 54.1-201. The application shall contain information concerning the name, location, nature, and operation of the business, and information demonstrating that the applicant possesses the character and minimum skills to properly engage in the occupation of contracting.

B. The Board may grant a Class C license in any of the following classifications: (i) residential building contractor, (ii) commercial building contractor, (iii) highway/heavy contractor, (iv) electrical contractor, (v) plumbing contractor, (vi) heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractor, and (vii) specialty contractor.


1995, c. 771; 1997, c. 885; 1998, c. 754; 2003, c. 892; 2013, c. 116.


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