§ 54.1-1142.2

Certifications in event of shortage of elevator mechanics

A. Whenever a contractor licensed under the provisions of this chapter demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Board that there is a shortage of elevator mechanics, the Board shall issue temporary certifications under the following conditions:

1. The licensed contractor attests to the Board, in a form prescribed by the Board, that after due diligence, the licensed contractor is unable to find an elevator mechanic from the list of elevator mechanics maintained by the Board to perform elevator work;

2. The applicant has an acceptable combination of documented experience and education to perform work as an elevator mechanic without direct and immediate supervision of an elevator mechanic and provides such proof thereof as required by the Board;

3. The applicant applies for such temporary certification as an elevator mechanic; and

4. The applicant pays an application fee as set by the Board.As used in this subsection, “direct and immediate supervision” means proper supervision but does not include line of sight supervision.

B. Each such temporary certification shall be valid for a period of up to 45 days from the date of issuance, provided the applicant continues at all times to be employed by the licensed contractor. The Board shall renew such certification as often as necessary to ensure that there is a sufficient number of elevator mechanics to meet the shortage.

C. The Board may delegate to the Director of the Department the authority to issue such temporary certifications or renewals thereof. The Director shall inform the Board of the issuance of any such certifications or renewals.


2009, cc. 184, 586.


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