§ 54.1-2105.01

Educational requirements for all salespersons within one year of licensure

A. The Board shall establish guidelines for an educational curriculum of at least 30 hours of classroom, or correspondence or other distance learning, instruction, in specified areas, which shall be required of all salespersons within one year of issuance of a license by the Board. Failure of a new licensee to complete the 30-hour curriculum within one year of obtaining a real estate salesperson’s license shall result in the license being placed on inactive status by the Board until the curriculum has been completed.

B. To establish the guidelines required by this section, the Board shall establish an industry advisory group composed of representatives of the practices of (i) residential real estate, (ii) commercial real estate, and (iii) property management. The industry advisory group shall consist of licensed real estate salespersons and real estate brokers who shall be appointed by and shall meet at the direction of the Board, at least annually, to update the guidelines. The Board shall review and may approve educational curricula developed by an approved school or other provider of real estate education authorized by this chapter. The industry advisory group shall serve at no cost to the Board.

C. The curricula for new licensees shall include topics that new licensees need to know in their practices, including contract writing, handling customer deposits, listing property, leasing property, agency, current industry issues and trends, flood hazard areas and the National Flood Insurance Program, property owners’ and condominium association law, landlord-tenant law, Board regulations, and such other topics as designated by the Board. The continuing education requirements of this section for new licensees shall be in lieu of the continuing education requirements otherwise specified in this chapter and Board regulations.


2007, c. 809; 2011, c. 461; 2015, c. 692.


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