§ 54.1-2105.04

Education requirements; reactivation of licenses; waiver

A. Board regulations shall include remedial educational requirements for any salesperson or broker who has been inactive for more than three years. The regulations shall require the applicant to meet the educational requirements for a salesperson or broker in effect at the time either becomes active.

B. When the license has been inactive for more than three years, the Board may waive the educational requirements for reactivation of a license under the following conditions: (i) during the time the license has been inactive, the holder of such inactive license has been engaged in an occupation whereby the knowledge of real estate would be retained or (ii) the holder of such license is a member or the spouse of a member of the armed forces of the United States who has been permanently assigned outside Virginia for a portion of the time the license has been inactive, and the holder of the inactive license remained current in the field of real estate and demonstrates this fact to the satisfaction of the Board.

C. The Board or its agent shall require proof of identity prior to an applicant taking the state examination.


2007, c. 809.


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