§ 54.1-2110.1

Duties of supervising broker

A. Each place of business and each branch office shall be supervised by a supervising broker. The supervising broker shall exercise reasonable and adequate supervision of the provision of real estate brokerage services by associate brokers and salespersons assigned to the branch office. The supervising broker may designate another broker to assist in administering the provisions required by this section, but such designation shall not relieve the supervising broker of responsibility for the supervision of the acts of all licensees assigned to the branch office.

B. As used in this section, “reasonable and adequate supervision” by the supervising broker shall include the following:

1. Being available to all licensees under his supervision at reasonable times to review and approve all documents, including leases, contracts, brokerage agreements, and advertising as may affect the firm’s clients and business;

2. Ensuring the availability of training opportunities and that the office has written procedures and policies that provide clear guidance in the following areas:

a. Handling of escrow deposits in compliance with law and regulation;

b. Complying with federal and state fair housing laws and regulations if the firm engages in residential brokerage, residential leasing, or residential property management;

c. Advertising and marketing of the brokerage firm;

d. Negotiating and drafting of contracts, leases, and brokerage agreements;

e. Exercising appropriate oversight and limitations on the use of unlicensed assistants, whether as part of a team arrangement or otherwise;

f. Creating agency or independent contractor relationships and elements thereof;

g. Distributing information on new or amended laws or regulations; and

h. Disclosing required information relating to the physical condition of real property;

3. Ensuring that the brokerage services are carried out competently and in accordance with the provisions of this chapter; and

4. Maintaining the records required by this subsection for three years. The records shall be furnished to the Board’s agent upon request.

C. Any supervising broker who resides more than 50 miles from a branch office under his supervision, having licensees who regularly conduct business assigned to such branch office, shall certify in writing quarterly on a form provided by the Board that the supervising broker has complied with the requirements of this section.

D. No later than January 1, 2017, the supervising broker for a branch office shall provide to the Board the name and license number of the supervising broker for the branch office. Thereafter, upon the renewal of the license of each licensee working in such branch office or upon the transfer of a licensee to such office, the broker shall provide to the Board the name and license number of each real estate licensee working in the branch office on the broker acknowledgement form created by the Board.


2012, c. 750; 2016, c. 334.


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