§ 54.1-2709

License; application; qualifications; examinations

A. No person shall practice dentistry unless he possesses a current valid license from the Board of Dentistry.

B. An application for such license shall be made to the Board in writing and shall be accompanied by satisfactory proof that the applicant (i) is of good moral character; (ii) is a graduate of an accredited dental school or college, or dental department of a university or college; (iii) has passed all parts of the examination given by the Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations; (iv) has successfully completed a clinical examination acceptable to the Board; and (v) has met other qualifications as determined in regulations promulgated by the Board.

C. The Board may grant a license to practice dentistry to an applicant licensed to practice in another jurisdiction if he (i) meets the requirements of subsection B; (ii) holds a current, unrestricted license to practice dentistry in another jurisdiction in the United States and is certified to be in good standing by each jurisdiction in which he currently holds or has held a license; (iii) has not committed any act that would constitute grounds for denial as set forth in § 54.1-2706; and (iv) has been in continuous clinical practice for five out of the six years immediately preceding application for licensure pursuant to this section. Active patient care in the dental corps of the United States Armed Forces, volunteer practice in a public health clinic, or practice in an intern or residency program may be accepted by the Board to satisfy this requirement.

D. The Board shall provide for an inactive license for those dentists who hold a current, unrestricted dental license in the Commonwealth at the time of application for an inactive license and who do not wish to practice in Virginia. The Board shall promulgate such regulations as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this section, including requirements for remedial education to activate a license.

E. The Board shall promulgate regulations requiring continuing education for any dental license renewal or reinstatement. The Board may grant extensions or exemptions from these continuing education requirements.


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