§ 54.1-2714

Restricted licenses to teach dentistry for foreign dentists

A. The Board may grant, without examination, a restricted license for a temporary appointment to teach dentistry at a dental school in this Commonwealth to any person who:

1. Is a resident of a foreign country;

2. Is licensed to practice dentistry in a foreign country;

3. Holds a faculty appointment in a dental school in a foreign country;

4. Is a graduate of a foreign dental school or college or the dental department of a foreign college or university;

5. Is not licensed to practice dentistry in Virginia;

6. Has not failed an examination for a license to practice dentistry in this Commonwealth;

7. Has received a temporary appointment to the faculty of a dental school in this Commonwealth to teach dentistry;

8. Is, in the opinion of the Board, qualified to teach dentistry; and

9. Submits a completed application, the supporting documents the Board deems necessary to determine his qualifications, and the prescribed fee.

B. A restricted license shall entitle the licensee to perform all operations which a person licensed to practice dentistry may perform but only for the purpose of teaching. No person granted a restricted license shall practice dentistry intramurally or privately or receive fees for his services.

C. A restricted license granted pursuant to this section shall expire 24 months from the date of issuance and may not be renewed or reissued.


1977, c. 349, § 54-175.2; 1988, c. 765; 2012, cc. 20, 116.


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