§ 54.1-2904

Biennial renewal of licenses; copies; fee; lapsed licenses; reinstatement; penalties

A. Every license granted under the provisions of this chapter shall be renewed biennially as prescribed by the Board. The Board shall send notice for renewal of a license to every licensee. Failure to receive such notice shall not excuse any licensee from the requirements of renewal. The person receiving such notice shall furnish the information requested and submit the prescribed renewal fee to the Board. Copies of licenses may be obtained as provided in the Board’s regulations.

B. Any licensee who allows his license to lapse by failing to renew the license or failing to meet professional activity requirements stipulated in the regulations may be reinstated by the Board upon submission of evidence satisfactory to the Board that he is prepared to resume practice in a competent manner and upon payment of the prescribed fee.

C. Any person practicing during the time his license has lapsed shall be considered an illegal practitioner and shall be subject to the penalties for violation of this chapter.


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