§ 54.1-2912.1

(Effective until July 1, 2022) Continued competency and office-based anesthesia requirements

A. The Board shall prescribe by regulation such requirements as may be necessary to ensure continued practitioner competence, which may include continuing education, testing, or any other requirement.

B. In promulgating such regulations, the Board shall consider (i) the need to promote ethical practice, (ii) an appropriate standard of care, (iii) patient safety, (iv) application of new medical technology, (v) appropriate communication with patients, and (vi) knowledge of the changing health care system.

C. The Board shall require prescribers identified by the Director of the Department of Health Professions pursuant to subdivision C 10 of § 54.1-2523 to complete two hours of continuing education in each biennium on topics related to pain management, the responsible prescribing of covered substances as defined in § 54.1-2519, and the diagnosis and management of addiction. Prescribers required to complete continuing education pursuant to this subsection shall be notified of such requirement no later than January 1 of each odd-numbered year.

D. The Board may approve persons who provide or accredit such programs in order to accomplish the purposes of this section.

E. Pursuant to § 54.1-2400 and its authority to establish the qualifications for registration, certification, or licensure that are necessary to ensure competence and integrity to engage in the regulated practice, the Board shall promulgate regulations governing the practice of medicine related to the administration of anesthesia in physicians’ offices.


1997, c. 227; 2002, c. 324; 2016, c. 447.


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