§ 54.1-2918

Suspension or revocation for violation of facility licensing laws

Whenever the Board of Health has suspended or revoked any license granted under the provisions of Article 1 (§ 32.1-123 et seq.) of Chapter 5 of Title 32.1 and such suspension or revocation resulted from a violation of any provision of this chapter, or because of illegal practice, or conduct or practices detrimental to the welfare of any patient or resident in such hospital, a report of such action shall be made by the Board of Health to the Board of Medicine.If it appears from the report, or from other evidence produced before the Board of Medicine, that the legally responsible head of such hospital is a practitioner of any branch of the healing arts, the Board may suspend or revoke the certificate or license of such person, or prosecute such person if unlicensed. The Board may suspend or revoke the certificate or license of or prosecute for unlicensed practice any person subject to this chapter who is practicing in or employed by such hospital if such practitioner or employee is guilty of, responsible for, or implicated in illegal practices for which the hospital license has been suspended or revoked.


Code 1950, § 54-321.1; 1975, c. 508; 1979, c. 720; 1988, c. 765.


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