§ 54.1-2920

Notice and opportunity to be heard required before suspension or revocation of license; allegations to be in writing; practice pending appeal; notice to patients

Except as provided in § 54.1-2408.1, the Board shall take no action to revoke or suspend the license of any of its licensees except after reasonable notice and an opportunity to be heard in accordance with the Administrative Process Act (§ 2.2-4000 et seq.). Such action may be in addition to any penalty imposed by law for the violation. For the purposes of this section, reasonable notice means written notice mailed at least thirty days prior to the scheduled hearing.Any practitioner whose license is suspended or revoked by the Board shall not engage in the practice of any of the healing arts in the Commonwealth pending his appeal.Whenever any license suspension or revocation becomes final, the practitioner shall forthwith give notice of that action, by certified mail, to all patients to whom he is currently providing services. Such practitioner shall cooperate with other practitioners to ensure continuation of treatment in conformity with the wishes of the patient. Such practitioner shall also notify any hospitals or other facilities where he is currently granted privileges, and any health insurance companies, health insurance administrators or health maintenance organizations currently reimbursing him for any of the healing arts.


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