§ 54.1-2957.20


The provisions of this chapter shall not prohibit:

1. A licensed and qualified health care provider from practicing within his scope of practice, provided he does not use the title “genetic counselor” or any other title tending to indicate he is a genetic counselor unless licensed in the Commonwealth;

2. A student from performing genetic counseling as part of an approved academic program in genetic counseling, provided he is supervised by a licensed genetic counselor and designated by a title clearly indicating his status as a student or trainee; or

3. A person who holds a current, valid certificate issued by the American Board of Genetic Counseling or American Board of Medical Genetics to practice genetic counseling, who is employed by a rare disease organization located in another jurisdiction, and who complies with the licensure requirements of that jurisdiction from providing genetic counseling in the Commonwealth fewer than 10 days per year.


2014, cc. 10, 266.


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