§ 54.1-3220

Certification for administration of diagnostic pharmaceutical agents

In order to become certified to administer diagnostic pharmaceutical agents for the purpose of examining and determining abnormal or diseased conditions of the human eye or related structures, an optometrist shall:

1. Complete successfully a Board-approved course in general and ocular pharmacology as it relates to the practice of optometry which shall consist of at least fifty-five classroom hours including a minimum of fifteen classroom hours in general pharmacology, twenty classroom hours in ocular pharmacology and twenty classroom hours of clinical laboratory presented by a college or university accredited by a regional or professional accreditation organization which is recognized or approved by the Council on Post Secondary Accreditation or by the United States Department of Education.

2. Pass a Board-approved, performance-based examination on general and ocular pharmacology designed to test knowledge of the proper use, characteristics, pharmacological effects, indications, contraindications and emergency care associated with the use of diagnostic pharmaceutical agents as defined in this article.


1983, c. 6, § 54-386.1; 1988, c. 765; 1996, cc. 365, 436.


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