§ 54.1-3410.1

Requirements for radiopharmaceuticals

A. A pharmacist who is authorized by the Board and acting in good faith, may sell and dispense radiopharmaceuticals pursuant to the order of a physician who is authorized by state or federal law to possess and administer radiopharmaceuticals for the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

B. When an authorized nuclear pharmacist dispenses a radioactive medical material, he shall assure that the outer container (shield) of the radiopharmaceutical shall bear the following information:

1. The name and address of the nuclear pharmacy;

2. The name of the prescriber (authorized user);

3. The date of dispensing;

4. The serial number assigned to the radiopharmaceutical order;

5. The standard radiation symbol;

6. The name of the diagnostic procedure;

7. The words “Caution: Radioactive Material”;

8. The name of the radionuclide;

9. The amount of radioactivity and the calibration date and time;

10. The expiration date and time;

11. In the case of a diagnostic radiopharmaceutical, the patient’s name or the words “Per Physician’s Order”; and

12. In the case of a therapeutic radiopharmaceutical, the patient’s name.

C. Orders for radiopharmaceuticals, whether written or verbal, shall include at least the following information:

1. The name of the institution or facility and the name of the person transmitting the order;

2. The date that the radiopharmaceutical will be needed and the calibration time;

3. The name or generally recognized and accepted abbreviation of the radiopharmaceutical;

4. The dose or activity of the radiopharmaceutical at the time of calibration; and

5. In the case of a therapeutic radiopharmaceutical or a radiopharmaceutical blood product, the name of the patient shall be obtained prior to dispensing.


2000, c. 861.


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