§ 54.1-3424

Suspension or revocation of registration, license or permit; limitation to particular controlled substance; controlled substances placed under seal; sale of perishables and forfeiture; notification to DEA

A. A registration to manufacture, distribute, or dispense a controlled substance may be suspended or revoked by the Board upon a finding that the registrant:

1. Has furnished false or fraudulent material information in an application filed under this chapter;

2. Has been convicted of a felony under any state or federal law relating to any controlled substance;

3. Has had his federal registration to manufacture, distribute or dispense controlled substances suspended or revoked;

4. Has violated or cooperated with others in violating any provision of this chapter or regulations of the Board relating to the manufacture, distribution or dispensing of controlled substances.

B. The Board may limit revocation or suspension of a registration to the particular controlled substance with respect to which grounds for revocation or suspension exist.

C. If the Board suspends or revokes a registration, or if the license or permit of a person possessing controlled substances under an exemption in § 54.1-3422 A is suspended or revoked by the issuing board, all controlled substances owned or possessed by the registrant, licensee or permittee at the time of suspension or the effective date of the revocation order may be placed under seal. No disposition may be made of substances under seal until the time for taking an appeal has elapsed or until all appeals have been concluded unless a court orders the sale of perishable substances and the deposit of the proceeds of the sale with the court. Upon a revocation order becoming final, all controlled substances shall be forfeited to the Commonwealth.

D. The Board shall promptly notify the DEA of all orders suspending or revoking registration and all forfeitures of controlled substances.


1972, c. 798, § 54-524.47:4; 1988, c. 765; 1996, cc. 468, 496; 1998, c. 490.


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