§ 54.1-3435.3:1

Registration of nonresident medical equipment suppliers; renewal; fee

A. Any person located outside the Commonwealth other than a nonresident pharmacy registered pursuant to § 54.1-3434.1 that ships, mails, or delivers to a consumer in the Commonwealth any hypodermic syringes or needles, medicinal oxygen, Schedule VI controlled device, those Schedule VI controlled substances with no medicinal properties that are used for the operation and cleaning of medical equipment, sterile water and saline for irrigation, or solutions for peritoneal dialysis pursuant to a lawful order of a prescriber shall be registered with the Board as a nonresident medical equipment supplier. Registration as a nonresident medical equipment supplier shall be renewed by March 1 of each year. Applicants for registration or renewal of a registration shall submit a fee specified by the Board in regulations at the time of registration or renewal. A nonresident medical equipment supplier registered in accordance with this section shall notify the Board within 30 days of any substantive change in the information previously submitted to the Board.

B. The nonresident medical equipment supplier shall at all times maintain a valid, unexpired license, permit, or registration in the state in which it is located, if required by the resident state, and shall furnish proof of such license, permit, or registration upon application for registration or renewal. If the resident state does not require a license, permit, or registration to engage in direct consumer supply of the medical equipment described in subsection A, the applicant shall furnish proof that it meets the minimum statutory and regulatory requirements for medical equipment suppliers in the Commonwealth.

C. Records of distribution of medical equipment described in subsection A into the Commonwealth shall be maintained in such a manner that they are readily retrievable from records of distribution into other jurisdictions and shall be provided to the Board, its authorized agent, or any agent designated by the Superintendent of State Police upon request within seven days of receipt of such request.


2016, c. 88.


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