§ 54.1-3438

Manufacturing, etc., of drugs or proprietary medicines, to be supervised by pharmacist

No drugs or proprietary medicines shall be manufactured, made, produced, packed, packaged, repackaged, relabeled or prepared within this Commonwealth, except under the personal and immediate supervision of a pharmacist or such other person as may be approved by the Board of Pharmacy after an investigation and a determination by the Board that they are qualified by scientific or technical training to perform such duties or supervision as may be necessary to protect the public health and safety. This provision shall not apply to manufacturers or packers of medicated feeds who manufacture or pack no other drugs. Medicated feeds are hereby defined as products obtained by mixing a commercial feed and a drug.


Code 1950, § 54-447; 1958, c. 551; 1970, c. 650, § 54-524.37; 1976, c. 614; 1988, c. 765; 1996, cc. 37, 407.


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