§ 54.1-3506

License required

In order to engage in the practice of counseling or marriage and family therapy or in the independent practice of substance abuse treatment, as defined in this chapter, it shall be necessary to hold a license issued by the Board.The Board may issue a license, without examination, for the practice of marriage and family therapy or the independent practice of substance abuse treatment to persons who hold a current and unrestricted license as a professional counselor within the Commonwealth and who meet the clinical and academic requirements for licensure as a marriage and family therapist or licensed substance abuse treatment practitioner, respectively. The applicant for such license shall present satisfactory evidence of qualifications equal to those required of applicants for licensure as marriage and family therapists or licensed substance abuse treatment practitioners, respectively, by examination in the Commonwealth.Any person who renders substance abuse treatment services as defined in this chapter and who is not licensed to do so, other than a person who is exempt pursuant to § 54.1-3501, shall render such services only when he is (i) under the supervision and direction of a person licensed under this chapter who shall be responsible for the services performed by such unlicensed person, or (ii) in compliance with the regulations governing an organization or a facility licensed by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.


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