§ 54.1-4408


In addition to the authority granted in § 2.2-4022 to issue subpoenas and the right to issue subpoenas granted the Board, the Executive Director or a designated subordinate shall have the right to make an ex parte application to the circuit court for the city or county where evidence sought is kept or where a person or firm does business, for the issuance of a subpoena for the production of documents. The subpoena shall be requested to further the investigation of a sworn complaint within the jurisdiction of the Board by requesting production of any relevant records, documents, or physical or other evidence of any person or firm regulated by the Board. The court shall be authorized to issue and compel compliance with the subpoena upon a showing of reasonable cause. Upon determining that reasonable cause exists to believe that evidence may be destroyed or altered, the court may issue a subpoena for the production of documents requiring the immediate production of evidence.


2001, c. 832; 2007, c. 804.


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