§ 54.1-4418

Recovery of cost after grant of formal fact-finding

After a formal fact-finding under § 2.2-4020 in which a penalty is imposed to fine, or to suspend, revoke or refuse to reinstate or lift the suspension of a Virginia license, the Board may assess the holder or former holder of the license the cost of conducting the fact-finding when the Board has final authority to grant the license, unless the Board determines that the offense was inadvertent or done in a good-faith belief that the act did not violate provisions of this chapter or regulations promulgated by the Board. The cost shall be limited to (i) the reasonable hourly rate for the hearing officer, (ii) the actual cost of recording the proceedings, (iii) a reasonable administrative charge for personnel and other administrative costs incurred by the Board in connection with the hearing, and (iv) a reasonable charge for any consultants retained by the Board.


2001, c. 832; 2007, c. 804.


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